Can design improve human health? Let's find out

The social design process – human centered design principles, methods and tools – is being used by a rapidly growing number of funders, designers and social organizations as an approach to solving complex social problems. An enormous buzz (and a sizable industry), has emerged around design’s potential for increasing impact, yet no comprehensive effort has been undertaken to document, measure or analyze its benefits, until now.

On January 24, a stellar group of leaders will come together to share best practices and develop a template for measuring the impact of social design at The Measured Summit: Measuring the Impact of Social Design on Human Health. Participants include Maggie Breslin from The Patient Revolution; Rosanne Haggerty from Community Solutions; Tracy Johnson from the Gates Foundation; Kippy Joseph from The Rockefeller Foundation; Anne LaFond from John Snow Inc.; Michael Murphy of MASS Design Group; Doug Powell from IBM; Gustav Praekelt of the Praekelt Foundation; Heather Flemming of Catapult Design; and Jake Porway of DataKind.

If you’re a designer, funder, NGO, non-profit or business, social design is important to your future. Join us and SVA Design for Social Innovation for what will be an insightful gathering. We hope to see you there! 

When: Tuesday, January 24
Where: SVA Beatrice Theatre, 333 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011
Registration: Seating is limited! Tickets are $385 and can be purchased here

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