PopTech Labs

PopTech Labs bring a carefully curated network of leaders, creative thinkers and innovators together to collaborate on issues of vital importance to business, society and the planet. Our goal is to map the *drivers* of change in a particular domain, to identify critical, early-stage *opportunities* for disruptive innovation, and to collaboratively design *new incentives* and *unconventional actions* to propel such innovation forward. Each Lab we undertake is a year-or-more-long effort, in which we bring this network together for evocative learning experiences and field visits and hands-on mapping, collaboration and incentive design sessions. We share the resulting work and insights broadly so that it may inspire others to follow in our footsteps. Whether it’s breakthroughs in next-generation sustainable materials or ways to disrupt human trafficking networks, through ongoing research and collaboration, the Labs accelerate impact in areas that matter most to society and the planet. Participation in each Lab is by invitation only, although PopTech network members are invited to request participation. If your organization is interested in exploring Lab opportunities, please email labs@poptech.org. Our "first Lab":/ecomaterials_lab, on ecomaterials innovation, was held in July 2010.